Moving house

Moving house

Yeah my two years are up at this residence and I’m moving further up in the same street all the way to my mum’s newly renovated newly bought apartment. YAY 😀

Started moving today, I’m about 1/3-way over there now. How boring hey? 😛 This is my last night here at the old place. It was a damn humid day and moving is always boring and exhausting, but I’m really looking forward to living in the new space.

As much as I loved living with Tamsin it’ll be good for both of us to have some space for ourselves. Besides we can still have Monday dhal nights at either of our places, we’ll be in the same street still.

Tomorrow the removalist is coming to take my furniture over. I know, boooooring. Well, sometimes life is kinda boring but it’s moving forward. Craig and a friend from overseas will visit me tomorrow night so I can have a night off packing and unpacking.

Today I got the govt fridge buyback scheme to put my fridge on their list, so we’ll get rid of the old one soon. Phone and internet issues are not quite as simple so I might be without internet for a couple of weeks… EEEEK!!!

Will have to crawl to my uni office at night to update my blog… will see!

(in the meantime here’s one of my favourite ever book covers :P)

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