I have SO much problem with people smoking around me. I have serious respiratory problems yet people keep producing huge amounts of smoke that poisons my body. This can be so bad that I either have to withdraw from the situation or suffer very nasty health consequences, not to mention the usual long-term issues caused by even passive smoking. My friends and others continue to act unethically and us non-smokers have to continue to suffer in silence.

Craig, my technological fixer, has found out about the e-cigarette (well, sometimes fixing is not a good thing, but sometimes it is!). This is a newish device that mimics a cigarette in almost every way, except it doesn’t cause passive smoking and therefore is ethical, and doesn’t contain the harmful additives in cigarettes making it also safer.

What alarms me is that tobacco companies have a vested interest to stop this device from entering our lives as this is clearly a pharmacological product. Many countries have made it illegal or made it into a medical product which can hinder its use. Apparently it’s very popular in China.

I think this can be considered a very creative harm minimising piece of technology and definitely a product that would make my life much more pleasant. My friends who want to keep smoking and putting nicotine into their lungs can continue to do so without jeopardising my health in the process.

I can’t see how this will spread and become ‘cool’, but I certainly very much hope it will be!

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