I got the news on Sunday that my secondary partner/boyfriend/lover Andrew unexpectedly and suddenly passed away on Saturday night. He’s leaving behind a beautiful wife, Kerrie, who is my dear friend, and three beautiful daughters. And a beautiful loving little tribe of friends they have built up over the last few years.

I was going to visit him first time in his new Katoomba home last Thursday but we had to postpone because he took his father to hospital in Canberra instead. I was going to see him today with his family and wife to spend a day together in the mountains and have our usual long deep discussions.

I have managed to make it through the last 4 days without completely falling apart but my heart is completely broken. Andrew and I have known each other for 2 years and have been getting closer and closer, especially in the last 6-12 months. It was a beautiful blossoming poly relationship with a lot of depth and love where we had a lot of very special things shared and exchanged. We had a really special bond beyond words and were a strong support and presence in each other’s lives. Andrew was a very very special person to me.

I was looking forward to a lifetime of deeply shared thoughts, feelings and experiences. I was looking forward to Andrew’s heart operation later this year and him recovering in his body and soul and going onto bigger and brighter things still. He was going to travel around the world, move on from community development to establishing a therapy practice and seeing his daughters grow up. We were planning to travel together, go to music festivals, parties and share lots and lots of wonderful things.

His wife Kerrie is arranging a service for a tight circle of friends and family and I’ll be grieving with this little circle of truly wonderful people.

Andrew will be very very sorely missed and loved for ever. Craig has been with me for days and other friends have been visiting too. A huge number of loving messages have been flowing in from lots and lots of friends, I really feel blessed with the wonderful friends I have. Some of them just sent me good wishes and thoughts and with other I had long and intense conversations… thank you all!

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