Andrew’s funeral and wake in the Blue Mountains

Andrew’s funeral and wake in the Blue Mountains

Andrew’s funeral was held in Leura with family and friends. It was a moving and reasonably casual service and we all got to wear colourful clothes. It was the most difficult part of the day for me with so much emotion and grief my heart was breaking. There was a bit of live music and two of his three beautiful daughters have also given short speeches. It was obvious just from looking around that Andrew has built up little tribes/circles around him and made a lasting and important connection with everyone.

For me he was a healer, a guide, a partner in intellectual jousting, a magnificent lover, a fellow music appreciator, a wonderful friend I could share anything with, a deep and intense conversation partner, an examined and chiseled soul with so much to give. In turn I opened up to give him anything and everything I had deep in me.

The wake was truly magical. It was very cold, windy and rainy in the mountains and we all arrived at a guesthouse where we all shared food, drinks, hugs, Andrew’s music, memories, stories and feelings. There was even a dance, a true celebration of Andrew’s life. He was watching us from the shadows, observing as always and egging us on to move on from sadness to celebration and love.

I feel the loss so profoundly yet I am truly grateful for everything that he’s given me and everything that we shared. I will always carry his insights, love and wisdom in me.. and I know it’ll make me a deeper and fuller human being.

The grief is unbearable at times, but I’ll never lose sight of the most important things in life again.

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