Finally my life is starting to come back together… 🙂

Jobs are finally coming to me: I’ve got two teaching jobs coming up, one at UNSW and one at Notre Dame, still not sure about Macquarie, might not need it. I’m also in the process of becoming a freelance academic editor, might be a good way to work from home to fill the gaps. Also have a little bit of research work to finish off at UNSW and a conference on creativity at the Goethe Institute in late July, so there’s an easy bridge between jobs.

Been going out with friends lots and that’s been great. Last week I helped Craig pack and unpack as he moved to a new place in Bondi. I also went to the Art Gallery to see Intensely Dutch with Chryl, played bridge with friends, went to Dolma’s end of degree party and Kate’s b’day drinks, then finished off the week with a hangi at Les and Synecdoche New York and dinner with Damon in Newtown. Good week!

My parents have arrived back from overseas and so now I’m swimming in a sea of Hungarian books, magazines and music!

This week I’m going for massage and dental stuff, going to the poly discussion group, lunch with Craig and another film with someone new on Friday. I also have to get onto more writing and chores and a bit of work. From next week there’ll be nights of Rome at Cat’s place, should be lots of fun too.

Today I had a photoshoot for Sunday Life magazine which is soon publishing an article on polyamory, including an interview with me. I’m really excited now that this is going ahead and I’ll be in it, YAY!! Poly activism and also fun at the same time.

As you can see I’m back in the swing of things.. still struggling with a chest infection but slowly getting over it.. still grieving but also moving on with my life… Niko in transition.

Pics: red lentil and veg soup with Maroccan spices, Intensely Dutch exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, and me with my mum and Muffin last night.

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