I know this counts as tabloid fodder, yet like lots of other people I mourn the passing of a pop icon too. MJ’s best years coincided with my childhood and I made my first choreography to Billie Jean hoping to impress the girl I had a crush on. Later I was doing choreographies to other MJ songs for school productions and for a while was dressing like him hahaha.. I know it’s kinda sad and really dates me too 😛

Maybe pop icons meant to die before getting old, can’t help thinking the stresses on the singer must have been enormous.. I know it really does question celebrity culture, something I pretty much ignore the rest of the time as much as possible. Can’t help being astonished how someone’s life is taking apart upon their death and often in a nasty way too… why can’t we just remember the brilliance and celebrate the awesome bits?

My favourite was always Billie Jean.. wonder what your favourite song was? 🙂

This is a lesser known song re-interpreted by a fan very beautifully.

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