And now to something much happier and also musical… the Catcerto by Lithuanian conductor, composer and artist Mindaugas Piečaitis.

Well, I just SO love how the symbiotic relationship between us and the feline species is used to great incidental artistic effect. I revel in artists pushing ideas to their logical extreme as the composer did here with the whole projection and live performance.

Bi the way, what we are watching in the cat is mostly likely it being very high on catnip which was rubbed on the keys, maybe a bit of training with treats too but cats (unlike dogs) don’t respond well to treats… you can see how high the cat is as it rubs its face and body on the keys, typical catnip behaviour!

So cats on drugs plus kooky humans end up creating an original artistic piece.. yay!

(thanks to my foster mum Anna for this!)

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