end of winter musings

end of winter musings

Been silent for a little while for a few reasons… been spending a lot of time with my new boyfriend, started two new jobs and also been quite sick for over a week now (having gone out to my first party night in over 2 months brought this nasty one on). Fortunately I’m emerging from the bad chest infection just as the first whiffs of spring roll in with some milder days with sunshine. Hope there won’t be more germs and sickness before spring!

I have settled into my teaching though the second teaching job (online) is about to start and I have my first batch of marking to do, so probably a very quiet weekend with lots of work for a few weeks. Mind you the new course is on the intimate sphere and I’m looking forward teaching fascinating material that’s close to my heart.

Been doing lots of beautiful quiet things: started a big jigsaw puzzle, Adam’s been cooking for me a lot, lots of snuggles, music, films etc.

As I’m getting better I’ll return to yoga, and I’ll start going to bridge nights again yay 🙂 Also more films, more music, reading up on tantra and shamanism and psychiatry, more beautiful food, loving up and chilling are on the cards…

Can’t wait for spring!!

(photo is ‘Storm Flight’ by ahermin on DevArt)

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