The latest animated film from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli has arrived! I saw it last night and it completely swept me away…

We follow Ponyo, a goldfish who becomes a little girl.. who twirls, swims, laughs, loves, morphs and enchants us through the sometimes psychedelic and magical worlds that Miyazaki has created.. with spirits, humans vs nature, incredibly lovable characters, and simply breath-taking animation. She and a 5 y.o. boy Sosuke fall in love through a chance meeting at the edge of the sea near Sosuke’s mum’s house on the cliff.

Before you know you are swept up in the story with Ponyo’s wizard father and sea spirit mother who have given her powers and desires that trap her between the land and the sea. Magical calamities ensue involving a whole home for the elderly and the seaside town in which Sosuke lives. The sea is animated with so much depth, gusto, conceptual creativity and beauty that you just never want this to end….

I found this film transcendental, spiritual, incredibly beautiful and soulful. On the technical level it’s innovative and impeccable and imbued with the truest Studio Ghibli spirit! 5 stars from me for sure 🙂 Please go and see the subtitled version, you’ll thank me for it.

I won’t link any reviews, just go to your favourite review site if you want any more convincing…

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