sad times

sad times

Been having some very sad and traumatic private times in the last few days and also been working long hours, so I’m feeling really numb and tired.

Sometimes life is just so cruel… you meet someone beautiful, brilliant and full of love, and you get to make the most beautiful connection, then it suddenly gets taken away from you before you can truly enjoy your blossoming love 🙁

I feel that reality in the last 12 months has been pretty cruel towards me: serious health issues, losing my job, my secondary partner dying, breaking up with my primary partner, and now losing a beautiful new person in my life. Sometimes I feel I cannot comprehend reality anymore, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. The love I exude sometimes gets swallowed by black holes and none of it comes back to me.

But my friends are here and their love means so much to me… thank you guys for reminding me why I love and live and how to put it all in perspective when times are really tough… xx

And I have to remember the good bits too… the amazing highs, my new apartment that I love so much, a couple of new jobs that keep me going (and I just got a third project job this week) and, again, my wonderful friends who are always there for me.

Spring is finally here too, want to put gloomy thoughts, cold weather and flu/colds behind me…

(photography by a very talented New Zealand photographer who calls himself ‘Gazza’ online)

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