edging forward

edging forward

Feel like I’m finally slowly gathering myself. A few days ago was Jewish New Year and I so had enough of the last 12 months and its trials and tribulations that I think I’m really ready to start a new year.. in September if I must! Really hope the next 12 months will bring lots more peace and joy, and a lot less heartbreak and heartache. I had it with those, can’t take more.

This past week I have been going out more, as a single person does I guess… feeling more independent and planning my life as best I can.

Been to a Garth Knight exhibition opening which was really nice, he exhibited his bejewelled creatures (first photo) that contain fractalised and embedded images of jewellery, arranged into the shape of dragons and beetles. Worked quite a lot, been to a BBQ and playing Wii, played bridge, did housework, went to see my parents and tonight did some awesome Synergy yoga.

On Thursday I’m leaving for Melbourne, should be nice hanging out with friends and relaxing.

Been taking photos of sunsets and crazy clouds, like the second image… Sydney skies can be so vast, open and poetic.

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