Last night I arrived to Melbourne to hang and chill with friends for 5 days… yay for my little spring break!! 🙂

Today I walked to Fitzroy and went through lots of quirky shops, dyke cafes and the like, Melbourne so rocks!! Then I went to the Melbourne Museum to see Pompeii. It was an awesome exhibition with great exhibits, sound effects, body casts, rich descriptions of everyday life in Pompeii and a 3D movie of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. At night me, Anneke and Abby went out for dinner and drinks. Tomorrow’s promising to be even better with a big Saturday night with friends!

Victoria markets and poly social also coming up.. .

It’s fucking freezing, raining and it’s mostly windy, but who cares… I’m in the best company in a city with the best vibe YAY!! 🙂

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