Mmmelbourne adventures

Mmmelbourne adventures

Ahhhhh I’m back in Sydney, what an awesome 5 days in Melbourne!! Yaaay 🙂

Got a very sore throat but damn I’m still smiling 😀

Highlights… well, I really loved Pompeii and hanging with all my beautiful friends (and making more!), but the real treat was the Saturday night spa party where, after the most beautiful nudey sushi presentation one could imagine, all the girls dressed up (and down) and we all massaged each other with oils and then a salt rub in the spa, then got to paint each other with different coloured clays until we were all completely covered. OMG so much sensual fun!!!! Thanks to Ross & Erin’s hospitality the whole affair was stylish, comfy and as friendly, fun and relaxed as it could possibly be! Thank you guys, you rock!! 😀

Ben, despite working inhumanely long hours 7 days a week, made the time to be with all of us and that was awesome! 🙂

Sunday was all relaxing and despite being a bit out of it several of us made it to the poly social. Was great to finally make it to the first PolyVic event! Monday I went out to hunt for jeans and ingredients for dinner… then cooked a huge pot of spag bol for the gang. Seemed to be right for the bloody cold weather.

I feel really lucky to be embraced by the most awesome poly tribe in Melbourne!! (just hope you guys don’t mind me calling you a tribe!)

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