Came home completely blissed out from a heavy yoga class and wanted to finally write about it!

Been practicing yoga on-off for 15 years, probably about just over half of that time very actively. After many years wandering between various hatha places and doing ki yoga at home I have found my way back to the original place I started out: Synergy yoga.

It’s a wonderful ashtanga style practice with a unique vinyasa-flow. The emphasis is both on breathing/meditation and proper alignment and posture. There are 5 sequences in each year, each going for 9 weeks. I mainly attend open classes and absolutely love being reconnected so powerfully with my mind and body. These days I don’t have an active dance practice so yoga makes up for this too.

I now attend the Bondi classes and get so much out of it!! Pretty much everything improves with yoga: stress goes down, breathing gets better, joints feel good, mood lifts, mind gets anchored, muscles get stronger… it’s like an inside-out rejuvenation! After each practice I feel grounded and uplifted and I’m grateful for what my body can give me.

I know many of you do yoga already, but I can’t recommend it strongly enough, especially if you struggle with chronic conditions like I do which rule out lots of other types of practice. Let me know if you want to come along, always happy to introduce more friends to yoga 🙂

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