Melbourne trip

Melbourne trip

Arrived back from my 5-day Melbourne trip last night…

5 days was definitely not enough! I chilled with the most awesome poly tribe I know (thank you guys, you know who you are!)… ok, well, outside of Sydney anyway. Don’t want to piss off anyone here! :P

I got so lazy and just chilled heaps.

Ben and Anneke’s engagement party on Sat night was rather awesome, then I spent a few days in lazy recovery. Sharing a Maroccan tagine for dinner on Tuesday night was a highlight and the Wednesday night group outing was lots of fun. Got to play the violin a bit and discovered the most awesome gluten free patisserie in the world! Gobbled up a lemon tart and raspberry slice on a giant cannon. Style!

Loved all the chats and deepening connections so much. And it was awesome to luxuriate in the peaceful alternative vibe of North Carlton and its gorgeous inhabitants :) Thank you guys for having me and Chris over!

Photos… with Ben & Anneke, with Chris, and with Anneke and Erin :)

Melbourne trip
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