Work and other pastimes

Work and other pastimes

So I’m joining the ranks of academics at Macqaurie University and taking everything that goes with it… more serious working hours, less time to blog, more settled life… no, just kidding, I’m not settling!! Nooooo!!

Well, OK, maybe a bit. Depending on how I count it I now have 3 or 4 part-time jobs which is rather impressive and a bit chaotic, though I’m enjoying the transition from too much freedom and not enough cash, to something resembling a full-on working life with some moderate perks. I like the pattern I’m creating and getting used to the responsibilities and hours slowly though slightly resent having less time for love and play and hobbies.

The semester is about to start at uni and this is making everything quite hectic. My online teaching is winding down but there’ll be heaps of marking still. My business consulting is quite fun and I’ll also have to find time to further prepare my second semester course.

Will really have to do whatever I can to not get too stressed in the next 4 weeks! If I survive this unscathed, I’m ok!

I’m still finding time for lots of loving, yoga, violin practice, catch-ups, reading, music and films. Just have to ration it more and cut back on procrastination and acquaintances I don’t really have time for anymore. Not to mention squandering my attention on strangers online. And then there’s also the odd piece of poetry and photography.. mmm so need to do more photography at some point! My only regret about the summer is that I didn’t get to paint, but never thought I’d pick up the violin… so there you go!

Life is rich and busy and beautiful and mind bending.

A slightly messier, busier but even more empowered Niko is being forged 🙂

ps: for a change I included a visual piece by me.. LashSquare

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