Future of psychedelics at Evolver

Future of psychedelics at Evolver

Evolver is a global social networking group with local ‘spores’ and monthly topics. Smart, switched-on, progressive people drive the self-organising local groups who meet up once a month to discuss topics from polyamory to dreaming to hyper-localisation to organic farming.


I got involved when I was invited last month to talk to the Sydney group about polyamory. It went down beautifully.

This month I turned up to discuss the future of psychedelics. We had two expert guests, one via a video link-up from Mullum, Rak Rasam, who discussed where current psychedelic movements are going and took some deliciously complex questions from the group. The other was an ayahuasca community leader who was there to relay info about local activities and chat about this wonderful sounding South-American psychedelic plant that’s used for ritual healing.

More info on this plant and its uses here: Ayahuasca.com

It is wonderful to open your mind to new ideas and find such a lovely group of progressive smart people locally to have lovely discussions with… next month’s topic is dreaming. Get involved, come along and hook up! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you aren’t in Sydney, perhaps you want to start a local Evolver spore in your city.

Some basic things I learnt on the night (and some I already knew):

* There is a serious psychedelic revival happening in the West, semi-underground. While we are waiting for official research to catch up, these groups just go on doing their thing, which is a blend of traditional tribal knowledge and new agey ideas channeled through a progressive liberal outlook and small-scale self-evolving groups

* psychedelics are a wonderful way of exploring your own consciousness and pushing this exploration into new territories

* there are lots of wonderfully engaged, adventurous individuals out there who are more than happy to share their experiences and ideas

* ayahuasca is a South-American plant with strong psychedelic properties, it is used in shamanic rituals, traditional tribal and neo-shamanic both, in order to explore, discover, open your mind, inspire and most interestingly help you heal yourself on a psychic, spiritual, psychological, emotional level. Ayahuasca contains DMT which is a bit of a scary sounding substance.

* psychedelics are just as illegal as they have been for several decades, but 1) fortunately this doesn’t stop individuals from obtaining them for personal use and benefiting from their various wonderful qualities and 2) there are some promising signs, even if they are few, that official psychedelic research might make a slow come-back

* there are many more sociological, anthropological, philosophical, psychological etc insights to be had relating both to psychedelics, people who use them today and new neo-shamanic movements that combine their use with traditional ways of exploring yourself and the world, and constantly fermenting new ideas on how this can be connected to our modern lives today

* I’m ready for some new adventures in my life! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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