ConFest 2

ConFest 2

And then on Tuesday everyone started leaving and quickly the campsite became sparse and spacious. I was really enjoying the bushland around us, now able to breathe again. Days grew longer and quieter and more relaxed.

Then we were told that as the festival is over the ‘leave or help out’ policy is in place. In other words we either tear up our huge tent and go elsewhere, which is a pain in the arse, or we spend at least a few hours each day helping volunteer organisers do the heavy and dirty work of putting everything away and cleaning up the site. As we were about to head to Canberra for a wedding and neither wanted to re-position our tent nor wanted to spend days in Canberra, we decided to stay.

Fair enough, you have to put community effort into ConFest and so far we hadn’t helped out at all. One day I was trying to enjoy myself though, walking into bushland, naked and playing my violin… but this was short lived, two men came up to me and told me I was requested to help out again. So much for naked violin playing in the bush!

It was really nice though to take our sweet time, enjoy the campsite freely, walk into the sunset on the Edward River and spend lots of very beautiful time together… mmmmm

Overall ConFest was a bit of an eye opener: what hippies get up to in the middle of the bush and how it all comes together. Mostly though I relished the opportunity to catch up with friends, hang out with Chris, enjoy the bushland and truly chill out, and be the sociologist with the new digital SLR in her paws 😉 Due to the discomforts of camping with disabilities I’m not sure I’ll be back, but I had a unique and wonderful experience that I wouldn’t give for anything 🙂

More of my ConFest photos here (please don’t link back, thanks!).

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