Ben & Anneke’s wedding!

Ben & Anneke’s wedding!


Ahhh after ConFest we headed to Canberra… back into the arms of civilisation! Albeit with lots and lots of roundabouts and cold weather.

It was such a joy to be able to attend Ben & Anneke’s wedding. If you know me personally you’d know that I’m really not into marriage as such, to say the least, but this does not prevent me from celebrating the gorgeous people I love and the choices they make. If there are two people whose wedding I can celebrate with feelings of overflowing love, it’s Ben and Anneke!

These two friends of mine live in Melbourne and have a wonderful little tribe of gorgeous people around them. They are the loving caring glue that holds this tribe together and I continue to deeply admire their loving spirit, care, respect, creativity, commitment, sanity, integrity and wondrous humanity. I love you guys with all my heart! ♥

The wedding was held in Ben’s parents’ house, entirely organised by B&A, their family and friends. This is what a real wedding is like! So much love and care went into everything, the opposite of a commercial wedding. The ceremony was really touching and beautiful, the food and entertainment was delightful, there was even food for celiacs, yay! 🙂 Was so awesome to catch up with friends from Melbourne and to celebrate into the night. Chris got to play his violin, which was a special highlight for me.

B&A will be off to Vietnam soon then to Europe and I so hope to catch up with them in Budapest, show them around the sites of the city and maybe even venture to Berlin together! I just cannot wait!

I took lots and lots of photos as you can tell from these on the left… I guess this was my contribution, turning up with my new SLR and taking as many awesome happy snaps as I could 🙂

More of my wedding photos here (please don’t link back, thanks!).

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