Frubble, grubble, hubble!

Frubble, grubble, hubble!

Non-monogamy brings up new human phenomena that we have no words for yet. So polyamorous people make a sport out of inventing new words that are highly useful to describe their experiences.

We already have metamour, my partner’s lover (whom I’m not in a relationship with myself) from ‘meta’ and ‘amour’; and frubble, the wonderful joy over my lovers’ or partners’ happiness which is sometimes explained as the opposite of jealousy, though it’s actually more like a distinct experience based on altruistic love towards your lovers at times when they experience happiness that you don’t have a direct connection to yourself, yet feel effervescent about!

Well, I have came up with some new words with the help of the Sydney poly community and these suggestions have made it into Poly Weekly podcast #255!

Check it out here:
Poly Weekly #255 Minx mentions me and these words at 25 minutes!

New vocabulary suggestions from Niko:
frubble – joy over your loved ones’ joy with others
grubble – sadness over your loved ones’ sadness with others
hubble – many getting physically affectionate when experiencing frubble.”

OK, OK, it’s also an awesome space telescope… I know… hehe

I hope the wider poly community will take up some of these!!

(I’m aware that some peeps prefer compersion instead of frubble, hope you guys who prefer compersion can also come up with new words to add to our arsenal!)

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