It gets better

It gets better

I love how the ‘It get’s better’ campaign has grown from a smallish campaign to reach GLBTI youth through the internet and give them hope, to a really large campaign that major stars and even Barack Obama participated in.

Dan Savage and his partner did a great video to tell struggling teenagers that the bullying, harassment, intimidation and lack of acceptance does change later in life, that no matter how much you don’t fit in now, there is a happy, productive place for you in the future.

Now Pixar has done an awesome job of it too:

I actually think this even goes beyond GLBTI youth… and all the wonderful freaks and weirdos out there can take heart from this: we can all find love, we can all find people who appreciate and accept us and love us for who we are, even if you are struggling with mental illness or other hardcore issues, there is a life out there waiting for you, a future that can be filled with beauty, meaning and lots of amazing other freaks who can truly appreciate you no matter what.

I happen to be part of a wonderful tribe of people I love dearly. It took me sooooo many years to find them and often felt very alone, scared and frightened that I’ll never find people who are like me, that I’ll never be ok… and yet, here I am today. I am more than ok and so are my wonderfully diverse gorgeous friends: freaks, queers, wonderful weirdos of all sorts. I’m so grateful that I stayed around to embrace them all 🙂

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