3 great books on sex and relationships – Part 1

3 great books on sex and relationships - Part 1

Sex at Dawn

Urban Tantra

Polyamory in the 21st century

Hand picked by me… I warmly recommend all three to all of you!!

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Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha is a hilarious and jam packed book on the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality. They show that the last couple of thousand years of socially dictated monogamy have been an aberration in human history and are a great source of suffering today. Religion, mainstream morality and even science have misunderstood our nature. We have been programmed by millions of years of evolution that show us in a new light: humans have evolved in ‘radical egalitarianism’ in tribes that shared everything, including sexual pleasure.

The authors put together evidence from anthropology, archeology, primatology, anatomy and psychosexuality to argue that monogamy is not our real nature at all, why homosexuality persists and why our monogamously suppressed sexual passion and ‘fidelity’ in the monogamous sense are cultural tools that only end up frustrating most of us. Modern sexuality can only make us happy if we break free. They don’t suggest polyamory and other forms of ethical non-monogamy, but it is the logical extension of the argument.

This is a wonderfully witty, hilarious, informative, original and logically persuasive book. Now I can see why it has been so successful, especially in sex-positive, relationship expanding circles, but also amongst questioning monogamous monkeys who keep seeking answers to questions that neither religion, nor dominant cultural paradigms manage to answer persuasively. Brilliant book!

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Christopher Ryan’s been doing the talking circuit with great aplomb. These are some of his best interviews on Sex at Dawn on the podcast circuit, in my opinion…

Sex at Dawn on Poly Weekly

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3 great books on sex and relationships – Part 1
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