Funny sign language

Love this clip and so had to share it!

Even if you don’t speak any sign language (yes, each geographical area has its own version!) this is very enjoyable and gives you a window into the deaf world.

Once saw a sign language interpreter at a comedy night at Woodford, she was funnier than the comedians and got a standing ovation.

I only learnt Auslan for a year, that is the Australian sign language, but can really appreciate the work of interpreters and sign language teachers especially..

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One thought on “Funny sign language

  1. That was so awesome, thanks Niko!

    Reminds me of the awesome Auslan translator we saw up at woodford in the comedy tent – she had sooo much sass and humour – such an expressive language.

    I have the feeling that sign language really allows us to tap much more strongly into the communication centres in our minds – hmm – food for thought.

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