Got my owl tattoo on my right shoulder with its wings wrapped around it, peaking out to the front and the back.

It took 3.5 hours non-stop and was pretty painful, though not as painful as the wolf. Preparations and knowledge helped but also there was less black on a less sensitive area.

Still really whacked my body so spent last night and today resting, though right after I was walking through Surry Hills in a euphoric haze 😛

As you can see on the picture it’s a polyamorous owl with a key, heart and infinity symbol.

There are awesome colours: brown, black, purple, blue and gold. They are shaded and understated though so it’s not crazy eye popping except for the awesome shapes of the whole design 😉 which was based on my own original but augmented and transformed by the artist who tattooed me (Norbert at Inner Vision, highly recommend him!).

For me the owl is invested with so much and therefore asks the question: how do we know, why do we assume, how can we truly find out? So it’s both an epistemology owl and a bit of a metaphysical owl.

The poly symbol, of course, is about love towards many people and how this is reflected in my ideas and life. It’s also about the importance of finding out what motivates your life, what matters most at any given time and the wisdom that might guide you in that direction.

And owls are night creatures, like me, it will be nice for the owl to keep me company (and to the wolf) when I’m alone and need some advice, company or wisdom. The owl is my second spirit who embodies focus, awareness, presence, knowledge (including academic) and purposeful direction.. both when it’s in motion and when it’s simply present.

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