month of birthdays and parties

month of birthdays and parties

January is turning out to be a rather festive month… Chris’ 30th, my mum’s 60th, birthdays of friends and awesome big parties.

I’m glad work is menageable so I can partake and contribute in this month of celebrating life and each other.

The most memorable were Chris’ birthday picnic and the big triple birthday party extravaganza in St Peters. The picnic went for the whole afternoon, evening and into the night. Started with a rather innocent picnic with food, music and fluffy dogs running around, then slowly morphed into drinking and games and me taking ridiculous photos of it all. So much fun.

The St Peters party was one of the best warehouse parties ever, except with caravans! There were awesome shows and costumes, several DJs, 3 cakes and much pleasure and fun in a variety of forms. For many it took a whole week to recover which tells you a bit more about the nature of the beast.

Through these parties our little tribe of bonobos gets stronger and new connections develop. It’s magnificent to be in the middle of it all.

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