My mum turns 60..

My mum turns 60..

The month of celebrations has come to a close with my mum’s 60th birthday yesterday.

Instead of a big boat party or such she opted for a small family meal albeit at a really posh and amazing restaurant in the city.

I guess after a certain age celebrating one’s life changes in character.. you are both looking back more on what happened (or could have or hasn’t) and looking out onto a shrinking future. This definitely gives me pause and I admire those older than me more and more and marvel at their ability to deal with it all. (does it get easier/harder, what might actual wisdom of sorts look like and why, is there a way to learn from it all and how? etc)

My mum has achieved so much, she’s such a powerhouse in many ways. She is (still) an amazing looking woman who cares about every aspect of her being. Looking back on her life gives you both a bit of cross-societal historical perspective and the view on a life that shows you the really difficult decisions and really hardcore bits that life doled out to her, and also on the opportunities, turning points and shifts in outlook.

I feel so much respect, warmth and gratitude for having an amazing mum who brought me up and brought me to Australia. A woman who achieved such amazing things and no doubt will continue to do so: bringing up a family, overcoming major life difficulties, embracing a new culture and language, obtaining degrees, publishing a book, organising a community, travelling around the world, running businesses, renovating property, learning to play the guitar etc. She has adapted to so many different circumstances and created and re-created her life… she even came on SBS TV with me and my poly friends to profess her views and lend us her support… she has so much more to teach me and herself.

There’s a lot to celebrate and contemplate…

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