Melbourne, spazzing, back to work

Melbourne, spazzing, back to work

That about sums it all up and accounts for me not posting much lately.

Had 5 days in Melbourne with Chris hanging with friends and chilling. Spent a spazzed out day at home then promptly got back into the thick of work at uni.

Some of my dear relatives think that an academic has nothing to do before teaching resumes and I would love to fan out the 15 page workload document that describes the various types of work that academics perform from curriculum development, to student advising, to personal research, tonnes of admin, peer review, writing, applying for grants, awards and opportunities, attending workshops on advising, new IT systems, union strike, or just plain networking in your lunchtime, conference preparation, liaising with library, sending things to printery, booking recording, fiddling with online materials, doing email, mentoring, scouting for post-graduate students, ordering materials and business cards, finding out who could put up your website, sending references and also meetings about workload definitions and proposals on what more you could be doing with your time.

Then teaching falls on you like a tonne of bricks and you don’t think about reading academic materials for research or even leisure for a while…

Not complaining though, love my job and working there part-time means I have time to take care of my other commitments.

Also I still have many days of relaxing left… here are some happy snaps with Chris to prove they exist.. I’m actually really happy with my life right now. I think it shows šŸ™‚

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