Poly float in the Sydney Mardi Gras!

Poly float in the Sydney Mardi Gras!

The Australian polyamorous community has entered the Mardi Gras (MG) first time under its own banner!

It was a complete community effort (replete with kinky fundraising) and we have made a splash!

This year’s theme was ‘say something’ and we certainly did. First of all we publicly declared our existence. We had a huge ‘POLYAMORY’ banner in front so that revellers of all sorts would notice our identity.

The float’s theme was ‘Polyglamorous’ and we showed that we are a glamorous, cheeky, fun and outrageous lot. We had speech bubbles declaring ‘polyamorists out and proud’ and ‘my girlfriend’s boyfriend thinks you are hot’. We had an awesome sequined truck, up to a hundred gorgeously dressed human bonobos, music and choreography, twirlers and hoops and kinky shenanigans. It’s hard to get noticed in the parade, but I think we definitely showed the crowd that we can celebrate our rich connected lives in style.

Being in the middle of the float where I knew at least 70% of people I can attest to this: you’d have to be an anthropologist to draw all the romantic connections between us all! We don’t just talk, we practice polyamory 🙂

We had whole families marching. We had people from Melbourne, Brisbane, Tasmania, and from regional and rural towns in NSW and Victoria. Next year, when the poly community no doubt will do it all over again, we hope to have people from New Zealand and beyond.

If you are in Europe, UK, Canada or the USA and you are poly, why not come to Sydney’s Mardi Gras next year? The festival is in late Feb and the parade is on the first Sat of March. Go on the PolyOz Yahoo list or the polyamory.org.au website and we’ll probably be able to help you couch surf or find a temporary poly home for free.

On the float red and black were the favourite colours, there were many corsets and fetishy dresses, cross-dressing and nudity and bodypainting. All ages, shapes, sizes, orientations etc though the usual bi-poly-kinky triumvirate was in evidence.

There was also a very successful and playful afterparty that we’ll also have to repeat next year, and a pre-party picnic and pub night to welcome visitors. This week we are also having a discussion night with many guests who are staying in town.

Apparently we were also on cable TV and the cameras soaked up our message and glamorous presence. How awesome.

As the poly community in Sydney is growing we are putting on more and more events: bi-monthly discussion nights, monthly socials, dinner parties, camping… playparties, book club, game nights and film nights are also talked about. A poly tv segment will also air on the Australian free-to-air channel SBS in June 2011 as part of a series on love and relationships and community members have featured in articles and have been on radio. We are getting more visible and active.

It is absolutely amazing to be part of such a vibrant, caring, amazing community with so many amazing independent, talented, empathic, connected, pansexual human beings in it. Our float is going to be happening again in 2012!

For my Mardi Gras shots on Facebook go here

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