PhD and diversions

PhD and diversions

Had another meeting with my PhD supervisor today. My deadline for submission stands at 15th April and I’ll have to be super good to make it. The rather wonderful reason for this is that my parents are taking me with them to Israel in April! 🙂 I want to have my dissertation submitted by then…

This will take focus, discipline and sitting on my bum… 3 difficult things 😛
But I really want to off-load it now!

I’ll have 3 weeks to finish a final draft… ouch!!
I’m so glad my supervisor’s really with me on this too.. I’ll need her close cooperation.

I can still have my nightly diversions if I’m good I guess. Right now I’m bingo-ing my head off in Facebook scrabble. I usually play 5-7 games at once, they get played one turn at a time, so they can easily run parallel.

The above board is from last Dec when I managed to put QUBITS down!! 😀

In case you wonder I usually play ‘cheat-o-matic’ scrabble where both parties can use a word generator, which lifts the game but keeps it just as hard, interesting and of course, equitable. Just a different way to play.

I also have some photos of me playing Mario Super Galaxy on Wii, but as they are all naked or semi-naked I’ll leave them out… haha

Wish me luck on the PhD!! I’m now going to compile the examiners’ list and do another word check… standing at around 80,000 words now 🙂

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