work.. and pictures of cool research facilities :)

work.. and pictures of cool research facilities :)

I’m working from home today… both doing paid research and some thesis work… the former is fieldwork files from my Melbourne visit last week, admin and research planning, the latter is re-writing of Chapter 6 of my thesis, compiling info on potential examiners and doing word checks.

My schedule is still scaring me and the best response is steady work… there’s so much more waiting to be done!

Meanwhile thought I’d post the link to some fantastic images of rather cool scientific research facilities around the world. For a sociologist of science this geeky eye candy is both an awesome reminder of why I chose my field of research and a beautiful potential prelude to a long sociological discussion on cutting edge high calibre scientific work! Those of you who have engaged me on science before would know what I mean!

The image above is a 50′000 ton cylindrical ‘ring-imaging water cerenkov detector’ that can be found at the kamioka mozumi mine in japan – 1′000m underground. It is used to detect neutrinos, proton decay and cosmic rays…. read on if you want! 🙂

First list of facilities and images is here

Second list is here

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