the summer that didn’t happen

the summer that didn’t happen

Today is the last day of summer… and it’s been the worst summer in Sydney I can remember. Right now it’s 17C, slightly overcast and windy… it’s been 4-5 months of almost constant rain and shithouse weather! Apparently we can thank La Nina. Noone’s complaining about global warming this year…

Info from the Bureau of Meteorology:

* not one day went over 31C this summer
* coldest summer since 1956!
* least sunshine for 17 years
* 438mm of rain but not one day broke the rain record… in other words it’s been constant!
* violent storms and flash flooding
* windy conditions and thunderstorms

SMH article today

My asthma’s been the worst and I’ve been constantly sick with infections…
Autumn can only be better!!

Except for the fruit… right now I can’t get enough of figs, blueberries and passionfruit… mmmm

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