Are we naturally monogamous? NO!

Are we naturally monogamous? NO!

The overwhelming scientific evidence is that like the majority of other species humans too are non-monogamous in their sexual behaviour. Yay for us who happily and ethically celebrate this in our everyday lives! 😀

We are socially monogamous most of the time, humans form long-term primary relationships, yet sexually we weren’t made to be stuck on one person, the majority of spouses cheat on each other.. we philander, have affairs etc… where would film plots be without this? 😛

If you doubt the above or are interested in more check out Poly Weekly.

Poly Weekly episode #147 explains the raunchy and geeky details of our non-monogamous nature and how to live it ethically.

Is monogamy natural?

You can also find the most wonderfully entertaining POLY FAQ written by a smart transhumanist poly geek here… it really does answer all the usual poly questions and more:

Polyamory? What, like, two girlfriends?

With the happy thought of turning these insights into an ethical and emotionally safe reality I’m heading out to the poly social in Randwick!

We usually have a couple of hours of passionate discussion on all things poly, share a drink and chat. I always find my personal insights enriched and come back home with a great sense of community…

Yay, the poly social was great, had some great discussions and lots of silly and slutty chats and hugs after… 🙂

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